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How to Setup

Multi-Factor Authentication with Office 365

Neveco is making it easier than ever for you to add more security for your online credentials. MFA is about to be enabled at the business you work for.

You can wait till it is pushed out to your account or If you are ready to do your account now simply follow this link  Click here to register for MFA

After you register, you will have a two-step verification process with strong authentication with a range of easy verification options such as phone call, text message, or mobile app notification to access your online data or applications.

The following documents have been prepared by Neveco Business IT Solutions to make this process as simple as possible. 

Should you require assistance, please contact the Neveco helpdesk helpdesk@neveco.com.au for further assistance. 
We need you to register before you can use this new feature, though.

Did you know that....Office 365 does not include backups at all.

The only way to protect from data corruption, virus and deletion is with independent backup solutions. 

Did you know (Microsoft explicitly states that point-in-time restore of data is not in the scope of Office 365.)

Ask your boss or I.T person is my data backed up.

Protection of all employee data that includes Emails, Onedrive and Sites with backups starting at $75ex for up to 24 users per month with unlimited retention. That's only 11 cents per day for 24 users.

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